Fraud & legal

Eliminate fraud and secure deals with legal tools
Fraud protection

Send requests and receive payments with full security and confidence. Backed by trusted providers and used by leading institutions, your transactions are taken seriously.

Payment protection
Fraud protection
Legal e-signatures

Easily request an e-signature with full confidence, from and to any device at any time.

Docusign e-signature requests
Of vehicle buyers would like to pay and sign digitally
Increase confidence with reduced risk
Experience optimization

Built to maintain a seamless experience, while ensuring your dealership is secure.

Collect payments with confidence
Easy validation using leading tech
Seamless execution

Request and obtain e-signatures easily and in a user friendly manner.

Send any doc for e-signature
Pro-active security

Operate knowing your operations are secure and technology is leveraged to prevent bad-actors.

Legally valid and enforceable
Focus on preventative action

With audit trails, and tamper sealing, you can be confident in all signatures and payments holding up.

Audit trails on all signatures and payments.
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