Press Release: Aluma Partners with Transax to Bring Digital Retail to Its Dealership Network

Johnathan Aguero
November 10, 2023

Aluma Partners with Transax to Bring Digital Retail to Its Dealership Network

[Bancroft, IA]  – Aluma Trailers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminum trailers, truck beds, and more, has formed a strategic partnership with Transax, the first Digital Retail Platform for trailer dealerships as part of Aluma’s new focus on providing digital tools for their dealers.

This proactive action by Aluma to equip their dealer network with digital tools for the future includes deep discounts and strong co-op offerings toward cutting-edge retail tools.

The digital retail experience happens directly on dealership’s websites, where finance-based shopping tools are embedded and a full trailer deal checkout is enabled–cash or finance. Security is the key to larger online payments, and Transax is the first e-pay option in the industry to include built-in fraud protection so dealers can accept electronic payments confidently.

The goal isn’t just ecommerce, it’s an Anywhere Extension of the personal, effective buying experience that dealerships today offer in person–customers can do a little, lot, or all of the trailer buying process on the dealer’s website and over text message and email. Capabilities like e-signatures, e-quotes, and full business texting ensure that the buying experience is so easy, customers can move deals forward from anywhere.

Dan Nessler, VP of Marketing at Aluma Trailers, commented, “We are excited to work with Transax to make it easier for our dealers to offer an online extension to their excellent in-person retail experience. The Digital Retail element of our Digital Dealer Program will help dealerships save time, provide a superior customer experience, and provide consumers a way to more easily start and even complete full trailer deals online.”

“Aluma’s decision to support their dealers by empowering them to offer a superior remote buying experience is exciting, and Transax is happy to support their Digital Dealer Program. We will deliver an easy online buying experience that works with dealers’ existing websites and a full customer engagement solution that allows customers to communicate and move forward the way they want,” said Johnathan Aguero, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships Transax. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to improving the transaction experience for trailer industry dealerships, manufacturers, and third parties.”

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About Transax

Transax is the first Digital Retail Platform for dealers and manufacturers, designed for industries like trailer, equipment, and powersports. It provides everything a dealership needs to extend their personal sales experience to their existing website–even enabling a full guided checkout experience complete with identity verification and payment. This full digital retail experience can be extended to OEM projects, providing a standardized purchase experience that always includes the dealership while driving brand loyalty. Transax’s platform also includes a full suite of customer engagement tools like e-signatures, e-quotes, and full business texting to ensure that dealers can move the deal forward at the customer’s convenience. The built-in FiTow finance platform makes it easier for dealers and lenders to get financed deals done quickly. For the latest news and updates, visit us at or follow us on social media: LinkedIn/Facebook.  

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