Press Release: Load Trail Partners with Transax to Promote Digital Retail

Johnathan Aguero
February 26, 2024

Load Trail Partners with Transax to Promote Digital Retail

[Sumner, TX] – Load Trail, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality trailers, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Transax, the Digital Retail Platform tailored for the trailer industry. This collaboration demonstrates Load Trail's commitment to supporting its dealership network with cutting edge tools and programs that make it easier than ever to buy a Load Trail.

The partnership is built on two key initiatives: firstly, making the Transax Digital Retail Program available at a discounted rate to all Load Trail dealers, and secondly, integrating Transax’s digital retail solutions on the manufacturer’s real inventory website, These measures are designed to streamline the buying process, from browsing to final purchase.

Digital Retail for Load Trail Dealers:

The Transax platform includes everything dealers need to move deals forward digitally, no matter where the customer is–including everything from a Reserve Now experience on their existing dealer website to full business texting with fraud protection and e-signatures. It even includes the industry’s first Google Shopping inventory sync for dealerships.

This partnership gives Load Trail dealers a special deal: they get 12% off their first year when they sign up for the Transax Digital Retail Program using the Load Trail promo code.

Enhancements to Load Trail's Inventory Website:

The collaboration also brings notable enhancements to, Load Trail's inventory website. A key update is the integration of Transax's digital retail elements, which introduce simple and effective calls to action and finance application functionalities, upgrading the online shopping experience on This platform is currently open to all Elite Load Trail Dealers, allowing them to showcase their inventory.

A standout feature resulting from the partnership is the introduction of a 'Reserve Now' checkout option for inventory listings. Elite Dealers with the full Transax platform can now offer customers the ability to reserve trailers, directly from Load Trail’s inventory site. This not only simplifies the purchasing process but also aims to boost sales and enhance the overall customer buying journey.

A Forward-Thinking Partnership:

"We're excited to partner with Transax to enhance the digital retail experience across our dealer network and on,” said Ruben Wall, Business Development Manager at Load Trail. “This collaboration is the result of our commitment to innovation and providing our dealers with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving marketplace."

“Load Trail is a top trailer brand, focused on bringing practical and forward-thinking solutions to the market,” added Transax VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships Johnathan Aguero. “With this partnership, we’re making it easier for dealers and customers to connect and do business. It’s about bringing dealers’ personalized buying experience to wherever the customer might be at the moment, providing a level of convenience that helps dealers and the brand stand out.”

For more information about the Load Trail Digital Retail initiative through Transax and the advantages it brings to dealers and consumers, please reach out to Ruben Wall with Load Trail at or 903-783-3955, or contact Johnathan Aguero with Transax directly at or 303-551-9540.

For Load Trail dealers wanting to know how to take advantage of this offer, they may reach out to their Sales Account Manager for more information.

About Load Trail

Founded in 1996, Load Trail has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality trailers, including dump trailers, utility trailers, and gooseneck trailers. Based in Sumner, Texas, Load Trail is committed to excellence in manufacturing and innovation in the trailer industry, continuously working with its dealership network to improve the customer experience both in-person and online. For the latest news and updates from Load Trail, visit or follow us on our social media channels @loadtrail.

About Transax

Transax is the leading Digital Retail and Finance Platform for the trailer industry, offering a suite of tools designed to streamline the buying process and enhance customer engagement. Transax's platform supports dealers in extending their sales experience to any customer, anywhere, with integrated finance options throughout the buying journey. Most recently, Transax now includes an easy, accessible lead manager. For more details, please visit