Embracing Digital Transformation for Future Success

Amanda Bursley
August 15, 2023

In the dealership space a pivotal moment has arrived that demands a thorough re-evaluation of operational strategies. The spotlight is now on recalibrating the operating model, uncovering new operational efficiencies, and opening up to a digital-centric landscape. As the equipment, powersports, and trailer industries undergo relentless disruption, businesses find themselves at the crossroads of adaptation. Those who are quick to embrace this transition will rise as trailblazers in the industry.

The last half-decade has witnessed a seismic shift, prompting a closer inspection of the impact these disruptions have had on trailer retail and the conventional dealer paradigm. More ecommerce shopping, better manufacturer portals and increased levels of online comparison shopping have started to change the way consumers are purchasing products in the new digital-age. Dealers are now needing a seamless online trailer sales experience that provides both convenience and quality. The way we look at these new ways of purchasing items goes far beyond the trailer industry. By exploring consumer shopping trends across sectors, we can gain insight, which will shed light on the trajectory of trailer retail.

Dealerships in similar industries are reporting a decline in sales within traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. The echo of this phenomenon reverberates through the automotive domain, as dealerships grapple to sustain sales levels in the wake of online competitors such as Carvana, Shift, and Vroom. The challenge at hand is monumental - the very fabric of the industry is undergoing a large change, with online sales reshaping the competitive landscape at an astonishing pace. This rapid transformation isn't merely a ripple but a tidal wave, ready to take on the trailer market as well. The race is on to claim a stake in this digitally-fueled future, where profits are both alluring and elusive.

Gaining a vantage point at the forefront of digital sales is the beacon illuminating the path ahead. Those who embrace this shift swiftly are destined to ascend as industry pioneers. Whether the decision lies in complete digitalization or retaining an allegiance to in-person sales, the clock is ticking. Now is the opportune moment to lay the groundwork, construct essential capabilities, and seize the imminent opportunities that are calling.

In this new digital era, innovation isn't just an option - it's the compass guiding us toward uncharted territories of success. As dealerships and franchises navigate this new digital world, they possess the power to write a narrative of victory, resilience, and enduring leadership.

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